Ensure Your Teen's Success: Learn the Untold Truth About College Major-Specific Admissions.

Gain exclusive insights into admissions by major at all 50 state flagship universities. Our comprehensive research reveals which colleges require students to apply to a specific major, where it's easy to change majors, and where your teen's options may be limited. 

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Blueprint to Understanding Admissions by Major:

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Data & Information for all 50 Flagship Universities

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Our short video guide 

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Email Templates

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College Admission by Major

Dive deeper into the college admissions process with our curated blueprint, designed to demystify how your teen's choice of college major influences admission decisions and future options.

Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • Comprehensive Analysis: Detailed findings from our research into the 50 state flagship universities, highlighting major-specific admission requirements and processes
  • Practical Tools: Get access to the exact email template we used to gather insights from colleges, allowing you to engage with admissions offices directly.
  • Expert Advice: A short, informative video from our founder, Lisa Marker Robbins, sharing over 30 years of experience supporting families through the college admissions journey.
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Equipped with this blueprint, you'll be able to navigate the complexities of college admissions by major, ensuring your teen applies to the right schools for their future success.


This same framework can be used to discover this crucial information from any college. 


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The Flourish team has led nearly 4,000 students through their college major and career coaching framework so they can thrive after graduation.

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“I thought not having a specific direction was normal. Lisa Marker Robbins helped me go from no direction to developing a plan for myself. I feel like I potentially saved my parents a year of college tuition because I have found a college and career path that fits well with me.”

– Kristen Perry, High School Student

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