Live Masterclass for Parents of High School Students

Stress-Free College-Bound Blueprint

3 Steps to Giving Your Teen an Admissions Edge

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In This Masterclass


Number 1

Nailing the Timeline: Learn how to create a clear plan so your teen meets all deadlines stress-free.

Number 2

Cracking the College Code: Uncover what colleges really want from applicants to give your teen an edge.

Number 3

Crafting a Winning Story: Strategies for your teen to craft a compelling narrative to boost admission chances.

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Will Your Teen Unlock Their Dream College?

In today's competitive landscape, the journey to college admission can feel like navigating a maze without a map. With application numbers skyrocketing and acceptance rates plummeting, the stakes have never been higher. Meanwhile, the soaring cost of attendance adds an extra layer of pressure on families.

Here's the kicker: Excellent grades and high test scores alone may no longer be the keys to unlocking that coveted college door.

For sought-after majors with limited spots, acceptance rates can be shockingly low, making it essential for your teen to do more than just submit an application. Your teen needs to craft a compelling case that demonstrates their fit for both the university and their desired program.

The GOOD NEWS is that I'm sharing the strategies I've taught to thousands of families like yours over the last 25 years. 

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This masterclass is MUST-ATTEND if:

  • You don’t know what you don’t know: It’s been years since you went to college, and you know times have changed. The last thing you want to do is give your child the wrong advice!
  • You want a timeline you can trust: Make sure your child’s future planning checks all the required boxes in the right order–and without missing any important deadlines. 
  • You want reassurance from a trusted expert: Lisa is a trusted expert in the field, and a sought-after media contributor who provides scientifically grounded guidance broken down into actionable steps. 

A personal invitation from Lisa

I’ve supported thousands of high school students for over two decades, helping them navigate their college-bound journey and ensuring they get to the finish line ahead of time and have excellent options that fit exactly who they are at the end of senior year.

The exhaustive annual research I conduct to stay abreast of the constantly changing world of college admissions helps the students I support craft authentic college applications while avoiding being cliche or missing the mark. 

I have taken nearly 4,000 students through this proven framework I developed, taking them from confused and overwhelmed to clear, confident, and motivated. Forbes magazine cited my work as a crucial first step in improving the ROI on college. 

In my new masterclass, I share what I've kept behind a paywall in the past. I teach your family how to avoid the pitfalls and share the step-by-step process I use with my students (and my own kids).


Lisa Marker-Robbins
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